We are a Digital Design Agency.

Driven by innovation and human-centered design, our agency is changing the way brands connect with audiences in a digital world.
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About Us

We are specialised in human-centered design, user experience, visual design, brand communication, business services and application solutions based on a collaborative client approach. We deliver cost-effective digital solutions - website, mobile, business process applications and interface design - and branding design - logo, branding and marketing product design. We help to achieve our clients' goals with the perfect mix of research, brand strategy development, system and process design and iterative design solutioning - across Hungary, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is our creative approach to innovation that begins with people and shapes ideas that can become practical and attractive propositions. We put people at the center of the innovation process. human-centred design enhances the user experience at every touch point and fuels the creation of products and services that deeply resonate with customers.
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Bold-thinking and Creative Solutions

Creativity is about finding the problem worth solving. Digital transformation is about the accelerated disruption of business models and requires a mind-set shift from problem solving to problem finding. Design thinking is our best tool for sense-making, meaning making, simplifying processes, and improving customer experiences.
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Technological Expertise

We bring in all disciplines affected at all stages – from technical consulting to development. Experts are on board from the beginning. It allows our creative team to design on the full spectrum of new experiences and products they imagined, designed and created with our clients together.

Shots From Our Work

Few reasons why we might be the right choice.

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We conduct qualitative user insight research to understand people’s habits, needs and circumstances, and then we tailor everything to your specific business situation. We design user interfaces that increase conversion, reduce cost of maintenance and build a consistent user experience.
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Business Design

Business Design is a natural component for our creative team, ensuring the alignment of the design work to the strategy and goals of your business. We can help you develope your strategy and create your digital product concept alongside.
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Business Application

We are digital problem solvers. We solve complicated digital needs and deliver simplified solutions. By being multidisciplinary, we can holisticly combine our digital design expertise with tech, ux and service design.
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Aesthetics – optical attractivity and nice design of the product – is combined with our Branding Strategy Development process based on human behavior and persona-driven development.
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We create stunning innovative websites. From webshop development and web design to digital marketing and interface design, we provide integrated services to help grow and improve your online business.


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Mira Joo

Founder. She is a passionate multidisciplinary business and ux designer and music artist.
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Richard Benny

Sales Manager & Business Consultant specialized to the Nordic countries. He loves to sing and plays on his guitar.
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Istvan Lovas

Technology Consultant & Front- End Developer. He loves snowboarding in the Swiss Alps.
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Zoltan Toth

UX/UI, Graphic & 3D Visual Designer. He is also a fabulous Game Designer.

We love Digital Storytelling

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Every great design begins with an even better story

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Lorinda Mamo

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People ignore design that ignores people.

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Frank Chimero

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A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good.

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Martin LeBlanc


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